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Delivering the highest level of quality, technology, and service to our customers

Stärke Injection Moulding SA (formally Gadac Plastic Injection) is an Australian-owned family company providing a complete 'design to finished product' service for the manufacturing of plastic products and components since 1976.



Operational excellence and continuous improvement are what drive Stärke Injection Moulding SA. We have a long history of quality improvement initiatives and a strong commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards for our customers.

Stärke Injection Moulding is an Australian family-owned company providing a complete 'design to finished product' service for the manufacturing of plastic products and components.

By maintaining modern, top-quality machinery and highly skilled staff we are able to pride ourselves in offering excellent personalised service while producing high-quality products at very competitive prices. Much of our work goes straight from the factory to the end-user which helps to keep costs down. Established for over 40 years, we have the experience you need to assess your requirements, and the skill you're looking for to turn your ideas into a successful product.

Plastic Injection Component


Precision Perfected: Superior Plastic Injection Moulding Solutions

South Australian based plastic injection moulding company with experience providing products to a diverse range of industries. Services include design, prototyping, injection molding, overmoulding, post-mould processing, Ultrasonic welding, assembly and more. A modern 1850sqm factory with 13 injection moulding machines ranging from 25 ton to 550 ton ton for efficient production and packaging. Get instant access to Stärke Injection Moulding's expertise for cost-effective solutions.



Expert Tool Design for Precision Plastic Injection Moulds

Stärke Injection Moulding is renowned for its advanced technology in component, plastic, and metal-to-plastic processes. We prioritise design and toolmaking expertise to ensure consistent, high-quality, and cost-effective results. We analyse project requirements thoroughly before tool construction, offering both local and LLC toolmaking capabilities for various needs. Our plastic manufacturing services encompass design, 3D printing, toolmaking, assembly, injection moulding, and more.


Committed Plastic Manufacturing Professionals in SA: Excellence in Design, Prototyping, and Assembly

Stärke Injection Moulding SA leads in metal-to-plastic technology, using new resins for strength, weight, and cost benefits. We expertly select materials, optimising properties and avoiding unnecessary additives. Metal-to-plastic conversion delivers cost savings, lower weight, and enhanced performance. Our services encompass design, 3D printing, toolmaking, assembly, and more.


Guiding Your Plastic Component Development: Expert Consultancy and Manufacturing Solutions

Our consultancy service offers valuable assistance at the initial stages of plastic component development. With expertise in design, processing, and material selection, we help prevent costly errors and improve product quality. Our services include product design, prototyping, 3D printing, toolmaking, and more.


Streamlined Project Management Solutions for Your Plastic Manufacturing Needs

From concept to delivery, our committed project management team handles every aspect of your project. With industrial design, prototyping, tooling design, and production tooling, we ensure a timely and budget-friendly process. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we strive to make your experience smooth and hassle-free. With over four decades of experience, we have established partnerships with renowned companies and are passionate about achieving your desired outcomes. Trust us for top-quality end-to-end project management.


Harnessing our extensive capabilities and expertise in plastic manufacturing, we are ready to provide you with custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From design and prototyping to injection molding and assembly, our committed team ensures top-quality results and cost-effective production. Request a quote below and let us bring your plastic manufacturing projects to life.


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Stärke Injection Moulding SA, an Australian-owned family company, offers end-to-end plastic product manufacturing. With modern machinery and skilled staff, we provide personalised service and quality products at competitive prices. Established in 1976, we're experienced and part of the Stärke Advanced Manufacturing Group. We prioritize quality, technology, and environmental concerns, supporting Australian businesses. Our commitment is to meet clients' needs, from global corporations to individual inventors, with plastic manufacturing solutions.


We first approached Stärke Injection Moulding SA by way of referral on our new project; we were armed with an SLA model of the part that we required. Stärke's very pleasant and thorough approach to our needs surprised us. Once they knew of our requirements they offered very important advice and improvements, not only on some design features but also in choosing the right material for our application which resulted in an extremely user-friendly and workable product.

In the beginning, we approached 3 companies, one company said that it could not be tooled up in its current design and the other one said that the volumes are not worth it.

Not only do we still have the current improved design; but we have also never had a product returned. With their superior customer service and experience, Stärke's design help and technical advice have been easy for us to return with our entire product portfolio, we wouldn't consider.

- Bruce, Director


149 Mooringe Avenue, Camden Park
South Australia 5038

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